Who is Mac Jones’ wife? All About Sophie Scott

Mac Jones, the New England Patriots’ star quarterback, has been making waves in the NFL. But what about his life off the field? Fans are naturally curious about the woman behind this rising football star.

Enter Sophie Scott, the woman who’s captured Mac’s heart. Let’s take a closer look at who she is, their love story, and what makes her tick.

Who is Sophie Scott?

Mac Jones' wife
Mac Jones’ wife

Sophie Scott is far more than just Mac Jones’ girlfriend. She’s a driven and accomplished woman in her own right. She hails from Alabama, just like Mac, and they both attended the University of Alabama.

Sophie studied Kinesiology and Exercise Science, showing an interest in health and fitness. After graduation, she began a career in physical therapy, helping patients recover from injuries.

A Love Story Born on the Sidelines

Sophie and Mac met during their time at the University of Alabama – a classic college sweetheart story! Mac was focused on his football career, while Sophie excelled in her studies and likely dabbled in campus life as well.

They began dating in 2019, and Sophie has been his biggest supporter ever since. You’ll often find her cheering him on from the stands, win or lose.

A Supportive Partner Through the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is a major life event for any football player, and Sophie was right by Mac’s side. The 2021 Draft was particularly tense, but Sophie’s unwavering support no doubt helped him stay grounded and focused.

When Mac was drafted by the Patriots, it meant a major move – yet another big life change Sophie faced with him head-on.

Sophie and Mac are a refreshingly low-key couple in the age of social media. They prefer to keep their relationship relatively private, only sharing occasional glimpses on Instagram.

These glimpses showcase their sweet bond – from beach days to supporting Alabama football, it’s clear they’re best friends as well as partners. This down-to-earth, private approach makes them even more likable.

Sophie Scott: More Than a WAG

It’s easy to dismiss significant others of sports stars as simply ‘WAGs’ (wives and girlfriends), but Sophie Scott is so much more. Her intelligence, her own career ambitions, and her down-to-earth nature make her a role model for young women. She proves you can have a fulfilling love life while also achieving your own goals.


How old is Sophie Scott? 

She’s around the same age as Mac, likely in her early 20s.

What does Sophie Scott do for a living? 

She’s a physical therapist.

How long have Sophie Scott and Mac Jones been together? 

 They’ve been dating since 2019.

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