Who Is Roger Federer’s Wife? All About Mirka Federer

Roger Federer – a name synonymous with tennis excellence. His backhand is as iconic as his record-breaking Grand Slam wins. But behind every champion, there’s often an unwavering support system, and for Roger, that pillar is his wife, Mirka Federer.

So, who is the woman beside this tennis legend, and what makes their love story so enduring?

A Love Match from the Courts

Roger and Mirka’s story isn’t a whirlwind romance plucked from a Hollywood script. Instead, it’s a testament to a love that blossomed on the tennis court. As young athletes representing Switzerland at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, their paths intertwined.

 Roger Federer’s Wife

It was the start of a beautiful partnership that would span both personal and professional triumphs.

Before becoming Mrs. Federer, Mirka Vavrinec was a rising star in her own right. A talented tennis player, her professional career was unfortunately cut short due to a foot injury. Yet, her competitive spirit never wavered.

In 2009, after nine years of dating, Mirka and Roger tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in Roger’s hometown of Basel, Switzerland.

Motherhood and Mirka’s Unwavering Support

Their family soon expanded, and Mirka embraced motherhood with the same dedication she’d shown on the court. First came identical twin girls, Charlene and Myla, in 2009, followed by another set of identical twins, boys Leo and Lenny, in 2014.

You’ll often find Mirka courtside, a quiet yet powerful presence during Roger’s matches. Her support isn’t about loud fanfare; she understands that for Roger, it’s about knowing she’s in his corner, an unwavering source of strength.

The Federers are a close-knit unit, with the children often accompanying their parents on tour. Those shared victories are family victories.

When Roger won Wimbledon in 2017 the joy on Mirka’s face as their children celebrated alongside him said it all. It was a testament to the shared journey, a reminder that his wins are her wins too.

The Woman Behind the Legend

 Roger Federer Wife
Roger Federer Wife

Mirka is undeniably Roger’s biggest fan, yet her identity extends far beyond that of a superstar’s wife. She’s a dedicated philanthropist, using her platform to support causes close to her heart, like the Roger Federer Foundation’s focus on education in Africa.

She’s also a style icon in her own right, her fashion choices often making headlines alongside Roger’s on-court achievements.

Fans see her as both aspirational and relatable – a woman juggling motherhood, a high-profile marriage, and charity work with grace and a down-to-earth attitude.


Was Mirka Federer a professional tennis player?

Yes, she competed professionally for Switzerland before a career-ending injury.

When did Roger and Mirka Federer get married?

They were married in 2009 in Basel, Switzerland.

How many children do Mirka and Roger Federer have? 

They have four children together – two sets of identical twins.

Is Mirka Federer involved in Roger’s foundation?

 Yes, she supports the Roger Federer Foundation’s philanthropic work.

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