Rita Moreno’s Daughter: Everything You Need to Know About Fernanda Luisa Gordon

Rita Moreno is a Hollywood icon. Her dazzling career and trailblazing achievements are legendary. However, beyond the spotlight, she’s also a dedicated mother and grandmother.

Her daughter, Fernanda Luisa Gordon, may lead a more private life, but she has a fascinating story of her own. Let’s delve into Fernanda’s life and the special bond she shares with her mother.

Fernanda Luisa Gordon: An Early Life

Rita Moreno's Daughter
Rita Moreno’s Daughter

Born on September 26, 1966, Fernanda Luisa Gordon was welcomed into the world by Rita Moreno and her husband, Leonard Gordon. Rita affectionately calls her daughter “Nandy.”

Fernanda spent her formative years in New York City before later relocating with her family to Los Angeles. She’s an accomplished woman, holding both a bachelor’s degree from Tufts University and a master’s degree from the University of Southern California.

Building Her Own Family

In 1996, Fernanda married David Fisher in a beautiful California ceremony. The couple built a life together and welcomed two sons, Justin and Cameron. Justin was born in 1998 followed by Cameron in 2000.

Rita Moreno is a doting “Abuelita” (grandmother), and her grandsons are a central part of her life. In past interviews, she has shared the heartwarming experience of being present at Justin’s birth, calling it one of the most moving moments of her life.

Fernanda’s Creative Career Path

While Rita Moreno is the celebrated actress in the family, Fernanda has charted her own unique path as a jewelry designer. She founded Nandiz Designs, where she expresses her creativity through beautiful, handcrafted pieces.

Fernanda’s talent even extends to the big screen – she served as her mother’s stand-in during the filming of Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story.

A Mother-Daughter Bond Like No Other

Rita Moreno's Daughter
Rita Moreno’s Daughter

Fernanda and Rita share an incredibly close and supportive relationship. In interviews, Rita often emphasizes the depth of her love for her daughter, saying that being an only child, all of her and her husband’s affection focused on Fernanda.

The feeling is mutual, with Fernanda expressing immense gratitude for the love and support she receives from her mother. Over the years, they’ve made countless public appearances together, from award shows like the Oscars to Rita’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

Rita Moreno’s Legacy Extends Beyond the Stage

Despite their different career paths, both Rita and Fernanda have made their mark in the world of entertainment. Fernanda even worked as her mother’s assistant on the movie 80 for Brady, showcasing their ability to support one another both personally and professionally.


Is Rita Moreno close to her daughter?

Yes, Rita Moreno and Fernanda Luisa Gordon have an exceptionally close relationship.

Who are Fernanda Luisa Gordon’s children?

Fernanda has two sons, Justin Fisher and Cameron Fisher.

What does Fernanda Luisa Gordon do for a living?

Fernanda Luisa Gordon is a successful jewelry designer and the founder of Nandiz Designs.

Was Fernanda Luisa Gordon involved with the West Side Story remake?

Yes, Fernanda served as a stand-in for Rita Moreno during the filming of West Side Story.

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