who is emma stone husband? all about Dave McCary

We all know Emma Stone – Oscar winner, style icon, and one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses. But the woman behind those big green eyes has found her perfect match in Dave McCary, a writer, director, and fellow funny person.

While he might stay slightly more behind the scenes, this guy is a creative force in his own right. Let’s dive into his career, his romance with Emma, and why he’s so much more than just ‘Mr. Stone.’

Dave McCary: From ‘SNL’ Beginnings to Directorial Debut

emma stone's husband
emma stone’s husband

Dave’s career path is all about comedy. He got his start on ‘Saturday Night Live’ alongside close friends and collaborators Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett. They formed the Good Neighbor comedy group and created hilariously quirky sketches and short films. Think of their humor as offbeat, unexpected, and oddly endearing.

But Dave wasn’t content just being a writer and performer. He transitioned to directing segments on ‘SNL’, showcasing his visual storytelling skills.

In 2017, he made his feature film directorial debut with ‘Brigsby Bear’, a heartwarmingly weird comedy he co-wrote with Kyle Mooney.

The Low-Key Love Story of Emma & Dave

These two lovebirds met the way many modern romances start – on the set of ‘SNL’ in late 2016 when Emma hosted. Sparks must have flown, because by 2017, they were spotted out together.

True to their style, they kept things low-key, only confirming their relationship with the occasional Instagram pic or red carpet appearance.

emma stone husband
emma stone husband

Then in December 2019, Dave broke the internet in the sweetest way – a simple Instagram photo of Emma showing off her engagement ring! Their wedding was delayed by a little thing called a global pandemic, but they finally tied the knot in 2020.

In 2021, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Louise Jean McCary – an adorable nod to Emma’s middle name.

A Match Made in Creative Heaven

Emma and Dave are a perfect example of how opposites can attract…and make a brilliant pair. She’s his leading lady, and he’s her biggest supporter behind the scenes.

They seem to understand each other’s creative drive and share a similar sense of humor. This supportive dynamic shines through in interviews, where they often lightheartedly poke fun at each other with a whole lot of love.


How tall is Dave McCary?

 He’s around 6 ft 1 inch, slightly taller than Emma.

What is Dave McCary’s age?

He was born in 1985, making him a few years older than Emma.

What else has Dave McCary directed? 

 Aside from ‘Brigsby Bear’, he’s also directed episodes of the HBO show ‘Epic Rap Battles of History’.

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