Who Are Taylor Swift’s Parents? All About Scott and Andrea Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest music superstars on the planet, but her journey wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of her parents, Scott and Andrea Swift. From her early days singing karaoke to her meteoric rise to fame, they’ve always been there to encourage her dreams.

Let’s take a closer look at the two people who made it possible for Taylor to share her music with the world.

Early Years and a Love for Christmas

Taylor Swift's Parents
Taylor Swift’s Parents

Taylor’s love of music and her deep affinity for the Christmas season both stem from her childhood. She spent her earliest years growing up on a Christmas tree farm in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Although the family later relocated to Nashville to support Taylor’s dreams, those early memories continued to influence her, both personally and creatively.

She even penned the song “Christmas Tree Farm” as a tribute to those idyllic childhood years.

Choosing a Name with the Future in Mind

Did you know that Taylor’s parents had a business career in mind when they chose her name?

Both Scott and Andrea have backgrounds in finance, and they wanted a gender-neutral name for their daughter – something they felt would make it easier for her to break through any glass ceilings she might encounter in the corporate world.

Andrea: Taylor’s Travel Partner and Biggest Supporter

Taylor Swift's mom Andrea Swift
Taylor Swift’s mom Andrea Swift

From handing out karaoke demos in Nashville to the whirlwind of world tours, Andrea has frequently been by Taylor’s side through it all. In the early days of Taylor’s career, Andrea’s support was unwavering.

She traveled with her daughter as Taylor sought those elusive first breaks. Taylor recalls fondly how Andrea waited in the car with her younger brother Austin while she went door-to-door asking people to listen to her demos.

The Move to Nashville: Pressure Off, Passion On

Scott and Andrea fully supported their daughter’s burgeoning career. In 2003, the entire family moved from Pennsylvania to the suburbs of Nashville, the heart of country music. However, this move was about more than just music.

The Swifts wanted to give Taylor an escape from the trappings of fame and help her maintain a somewhat normal childhood. They didn’t move into the heart of Nashville, instead choosing a more quiet, residential area away from the hustle and bustle.

Andrea’s Cancer Fight

Taylor Swift is notoriously private when it comes to her personal life, but she’s been candid about her mom’s ongoing struggle with cancer. Fans first learned of Andrea’s diagnosis in 2015, which led Taylor to encourage her mom to get regular checkups in the years that followed.

However, in 2019 Taylor revealed on social media that her mom’s cancer had tragically returned. Sadly, Scott has also faced a cancer diagnosis, although Taylor hasn’t shared as many details about his health journey.

Andrea’s illness profoundly informed some of Taylor’s music, including the heart-wrenching “Soon You’ll Get Better,” a song about the trauma of watching a loved one struggle with illness.

Taylor’s Politics and Scott’s Concerns

Taylor Swift spent years avoiding overt political statements. However, In 2018, she broke her silence and put her public support behind several Democratic candidates While understanding of his daughter’s decision, Scott was initially very concerned about her safety.

He’d seen firsthand the level of threats directed towards Taylor, and he was justifiably fearful that her political statements would make her an even bigger target for abuse.

Scott: Dad Extraordinaire

taylor swift dad Scott Swift
taylor swift dad Scott Swift

Scott Swift is undeniably a proud Dad, and he loves to play an active role in his daughter’s career.

He’s helped make pizzas for fans waiting to see her perform, handed out backstage passes, and even joined in on the infamous Segway rides! Most recently, both Scott and Andrea proudly attended Taylor’s massive Eras tour alongside her boyfriend, Travis Kelce (which led to Scott becoming a Chiefs fan!)


Where did Taylor Swift’s parents meet?

Scott and Andrea Swift met and married in Harris County, Texas in 1988.

Where did Taylor Swift grow up?

Taylor Swift spent her early childhood on a Christmas tree farm in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. She later moved to the suburbs of Nashville.

Why did Taylor Swift’s parents name her Taylor?

They wanted a gender-neutral name that they felt would serve her well if she pursued a career in the corporate world.

Are Taylor Swift’s parents still married?

Yes, Taylor’s parents are still very happily married.

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