Who Is Taylor Swift’s Brother? All About Austin Swift

Taylor Swift’s immense success casts a long shadow, but her brother, Austin Swift, is making his own mark in the entertainment world. From his early love of cinema to his burgeoning acting and producing career, Austin is more than just Taylor Swift’s little brother.

Let’s delve into his life and discover the fascinating person behind the famous sibling.

From the Christmas Tree Farm to Hollywood

Taylor Swift's Brother
Taylor Swift’s Brother

Austin Swift was born on March 11, 1992, to Scott and Andrea Swift. Growing up with Taylor on a Pennsylvania Christmas tree farm, he found solace in the world of movies while navigating the complexities of adolescence.

When Taylor’s music career started to take flight, the Swift family relocated to Nashville, providing a springboard for both siblings to pursue their dreams.

Inspired by his childhood love of films, Austin attended the University of Notre Dame, where he studied film and explored his passion for acting. It was here that he discovered a hidden talent and a new career path.

Austin Swift: The Rising Star

Austin’s acting journey began in 2016 with the thriller I.T., where he starred alongside Pierce Brosnan. He soon landed roles in star-studded films like Live by Night (with Ben Affleck and Zoe Saldana). His versatility led him to television shows like Embeds and Still the King.

Over time, Austin’s interests expanded beyond acting. He honed his skills as a producer on projects like Cover Versions and We Summon the Darkness. His work ethic, perhaps influenced by his superstar sister, is undeniable.

Austin’s talents extend beyond the big screen. His collaboration with Taylor Swift and Blake Lively on the “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version)” music video earned him a prestigious ACM Award nomination in 2022, marking a major milestone in his career.

A Sibling Bond Like No Other

Taylor Swift's Brother
Taylor Swift’s Brother

The relationship between Austin and Taylor Swift is one of unwavering support and genuine affection. They frequently attend each other’s events, and their social media posts are filled with heartfelt tributes and playful banter.

Austin’s unwavering support for Taylor’s political stances and Taylor’s enthusiastic promotion of his projects are a testament to their close bond.

Love, Football, and Family

Austin Swift’s personal life is also in the spotlight. He’s been dating model Sydney Ness since 2022, and the couple is often seen joining Taylor at Kansas City Chiefs games, cheering on Travis Kelce.

Family is clearly important to the Swifts, with Austin and Sydney frequently seen spending time with Taylor’s parents.


Is Austin Swift older or younger than Taylor Swift?

Austin Swift is two years younger than Taylor Swift.

What movies has Austin Swift been in?

Austin Swift has starred in films such as I.T., Live by Night, Cover Versions, We Summon the Darkness, and Braking for Whales.

Does Austin Swift have a girlfriend?

Yes, Austin Swift is currently dating model Sydney Ness.

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