Who Is Willie Geist’s Wife? All About Christina Geist

Fans of Sunday Today and Morning Joe know Willie Geist as the friendly and insightful host. But what about the woman behind the scenes? Willie Geist’s wife, Christina Geist, is a fascinating and accomplished woman in her own right.

Let’s dive into her life and learn about this inspiring individual.

A Love Story That Spans Decades

Willie Geist's Wife
Willie Geist’s Wife

Willie and Christina Geist have a truly heartwarming love story. They met in middle school back in sixth grade and formed a strong friendship. Over the years, that friendship blossomed into romance

. Despite some ups and downs, their relationship has endured, leading to a happy marriage and a beautiful family.

Who Is Christina Geist:

Christina Geist is far more than “Willie Geist’s wife.” She’s a successful children’s book author, having penned titles like Buddy’s Bedtime Battery, Sorry Grown-Ups, You Can’t Go To School!, and Buddy’s New Buddy. Her books are known for their humor and heartwarming messages.

Christina Geist
Christina Geist and family

Christina’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there. Along with a former colleague, she built a successful brand strategy and design firm called True Geist. She also created Boombox, an online memory box company, drawing inspiration from her own experiences cherishing keepsakes.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Christina is a devoted wife and mother. She and Willie have two children, Lucie and George, who are often the center of her world.

Secrets to Their Enduring Love

What makes Willie and Christina’s relationship so successful? In interviews, they emphasize the importance of their longstanding friendship, shared laughter, and a commitment to supporting each other’s dreams.


Where did Willie and Christina Geist meet?

Willie and Christina Geist met way back in sixth grade while attending middle school in New Jersey.

What does Christina Geist do for a living?

Christina Geist is a children’s book author, entrepreneur, and brand strategist.

How long have Willie and Christina Geist been married?

Willie and Christina Geist tied the knot in 2003. They have been married for approximately 20 years.

Do Willie and Christina Geist have children?

Yes, the couple has two children, a daughter named Lucie and a son named George.

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