Who is Jason Kelce’s Wife? – All About Kylie McDevitt Kelce

Jason Kelce is an NFL legend, but there’s another star in the Kelce family – his incredible wife, Kylie McDevitt Kelce. From her Philly roots to her own athletic background and the adorable way they met, Kylie is a fascinating woman in her own right.

Let’s dive into her story!

Kylie’s Background:

 Jason Kelce's wife
Jason Kelce’s wife

Kylie McDevitt Kelce was born and raised in Narberth, a suburb of Philadelphia. The Eagles territory is truly her home turf! She stayed close for college, attending Cabrini University in nearby Wayne, Pennsylvania, where she majored in communications.

Kylie isn’t just a spectator when it comes to sports; she’s a talented athlete herself! In high school, she played field hockey and even became a head coach.

Her passion for the game continued at Cabrini University, where she was a key player on the team, earning prestigious awards along the way.

A Love Story with a Rocky Start

Believe it or not, Jason and Kylie’s love story began on Tinder! Kylie wasn’t initially familiar with his NFL fame, but she was drawn to his profile that mentioned wanting deep conversations and starting a family.

Their first date, however, took an unexpected turn when Jason fell asleep at the bar! Luckily, his Eagles teammate Bo Allen saved the day (and the relationship!) by carrying Jason home. They hit it off on their second date, proving sometimes it just takes a little extra effort.

Married Life and a Growing Family

Jason and Kylie tied the knot in a gorgeous Philadelphia wedding on April 14, 2018. They are now the proud parents of three beautiful daughters: Wyatt Elizabeth, Elliotte Ray and Bennett Llewellyn. Family is clearly important to them, and they love sharing sweet moments together – like their recent trip to Disney World!

 Jason Kelce's family
Jason Kelce’s family

The Kelces aren’t just a power couple on the field; they’re also a force for good in their community.

Jason founded the (Be)Philly foundation, dedicated to helping Philadelphia’s youth. Kylie is an active supporter of the Eagles Autism Foundation and they both make significant contributions to various causes.

Fun Facts About Kylie

  • Dedicated to her sport: Kylie has said that joining the Cabrini field hockey team was “one of the best decisions” of her life.
  • She’s got great taste: Apparently, Jason’s Tinder profile sealed the deal for Kylie!
  • Family first: When Jason first became a dad, he highlighted Kylie’s strong support system in Philadelphia.


Where is Kylie McDevitt Kelce from?

Kylie was born and raised in Narberth, Pennsylvania.

Did Kylie McDevitt Kelce play sports?

Yes, she was a talented field hockey player in high school and college.

How did Kylie and Jason Kelce meet?

They met on Tinder in 2015.

How many children do Jason and Kylie Kelce have?

They have three daughters: Wyatt Elizabeth, Elliotte Ray, and Bennett Llewellyn.

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