Who Is Sydney Sweeney’s Fiancé? All About Jonathan Davino

Sydney Sweeney is known for her dynamic roles in shows like Euphoria and movies like The Voyeurs. However, when it comes to her love life, she prefers the spotlight to stay off her fiancé, Jonathan Davino. Even so, fans are curious about the man who captured the actress’s heart.

Here’s a closer look at their low-key romance and everything we know about Jonathan Davino.

Who Is Jonathan Davino?

Sydney Sweeney's Fiancé
Sydney Sweeney’s Fiancé

Forget those rumors! Sydney has set the record straight – Jonathan isn’t a restauranteur and didn’t inherit a “pizza empire.” He’s a successful businessman from Chicago, though Sydney prefers to keep his exact career details private.

Despite their discreet relationship, Sydney and Jonathan have been together for an impressive six years.

Sydney and Jonathan: A Timeline of Their Love

The couple were first spotted together at various events in 2018, sparking quiet whispers about their relationship. In 2019, fans got a glimpse of their connection when Sydney and Jonathan were seen enjoying a Knicks basketball game.

Paparazzi photos of them kissing on a Hawaiian beach in 2020 finally confirmed they were an item.

Fast forward to 2022, and Sydney started sporting a sparkling diamond ring, with PEOPLE confirming her engagement to Jonathan Davino.


Does Sydney Sweeney talk about her engagement?

She prefers to keep her relationship private but has hinted about wedding plans with excitement.

Will Sydney and Jonathan have kids?

Sydney has mentioned dreaming of a big family with four kids someday.

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