Who Is Ana de Armas’ Boyfriend? All About Paul Boukadakis

Ana de Armas may be one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actresses, but she’s found time for love. Since 2021, the Cuban-born star has been quietly dating tech executive Paul Boukadakis.

Let’s dive into their relationship and learn more about the man who stole the heart of this rising star.

Who is Paul Boukadakis?

Ana de Armas' Boyfriend Paul Boukadakis
Ana de Armas’ Boyfriend Paul Boukadakis

Unlike de Armas, Boukadakis isn’t immersed in the spotlight. Here’s what we do know about him:

  • Oklahoma Roots: He hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and has a connection to his hometown.
  • Early Career in Music Videos: Before entering the tech world, Boukadakis spent a decade directing music videos and commercials.
  • Tech Innovator: He co-founded a video-sharing app called Wheel (originally Ferris), which was later acquired by Tinder.
  • Tinder Executive: Boukadakis currently holds the position of Vice President of Special Initiatives at Tinder.

How Did Ana de Armas and Paul Boukadakis Meet?

The couple reportedly met through a mutual friend during the pandemic. With limited options for traditional dates, they got to know each other in the comfort of their own homes.

Rumors of their relationship surfaced in June 2021. They’ve kept their romance low-key, but after months of speculation, they seemingly confirmed their relationship in late 2021.


Where do Ana de Armas and Paul Boukadakis live?

The couple reportedly lives together in an apartment in New York City.

Why does Ana de Armas prefer to keep her relationship private?

After a high-profile relationship with Ben Affleck, de Armas understandably wants to shield her romance with Boukadakis from intense media scrutiny.

Have Ana de Armas and Paul Boukadakis walked the red carpet together?

Not yet. The couple is very private and hasn’t made an official red carpet debut.

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